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What is Scandinavian Executive Publishing Meeting?

The only event in Scandinavia..

..that focuses on changes and developments in the publishing industry across national borders. We draw inspiration and find solution models from the global stage, from other industries and players, and from new players in the market. We help you cope with your challenges of tomorrow. New ideas and opportunities arise during the event and you meet new and interesting people who may challenge your view on things and inspire you to do things differently.


Who were the speakers of SEPM17?:

  • Moderator, Alexander Avanth, DareDisrupt
  • Co-moderator, Rasmus Bie-Olsen, Daredisrupt Advisory
  • Thomas Terney, Expert in artificial intelligence and digital disruption
  • Britt Wray, Documentaris, Author, Media Host
  • Mads Holmen, Founder, Bibblio
  • Deanne Macdonald, CEO and Co-founder, BLOC
  • Adam Lowe, Co-founder, UNRD
  • Aditya Prakash, Founder, Skidos Labs

When did it take place?
SEPM17 was held on 23 November 2017


Where was it?

SEPM17 was held at Carlsberg in Copenhagen, Denmark. Previously, SEPM has been held at Tycho Brahe Planetarium, and DGI-byen in the old Meatpacking District of Copenhagen, among others.







Did you miss the Scandinavian Executive Publishing Meeting 2017? See the program and videos including interviews with speakers from SEPM 2017.


Videos from SEPM 2017

Program for SEPM 2016


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