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SEPM 2017 program

Date: 23. November 2017

Time: 8.00 a.m - 10.00 p.m

Place: Carlsberg Museum & Business Centre

Address: Valby Langgade 1, 2500 Valby


8.00 - 9.00

9.00 - 9.10
Welcome by Schilling and moderator
We live in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world, changing at a pace faster than we can prepare for and perceive. At this year's SEPM we focus on the new narratives of tomorrow and what tools we can use for navigating the future.

9.10 - 17.00
Do you dare? A look at the emergence of technological disruption in publishing
In his talk Alexander will open the exponential mindset. He will provide a snapshot of some of the new technology trends that influence the publishing industry, and give insight into the theory of disruption and why it matters to publishing.

- Alexander Avanth, Exponential Technology Expert, DareDisrupt

Exponential mindsetters
Mini presentations from three select startups and opinion shapers, followed by a panel discussion.

It is not technology alone that changes business-as-usual; it is unusual business that changes business-as-usual. New startups seek to enter the value chain vertically, and some seek to influence consumer value systems through horizontal integration. While many fail, it only takes one successful experiment to change an industry. Listen and learn from some of the new players who with their individual approaches are seeking to change the way we read, write, and learn.

Workshop: First things first; getting a foothold on today
In this workshop Rasmus will guide participants in groups to discuss what we have learned this morning and how to relate it to our own business models.

Now that we know what is to come and what is already there, we must ask ourselves: How prepared are we for it? Rasmus Bie Olsen will help you examine your business today and plan for the future. To utilise new technologies and navigate new competition it is necessary to seriously look into the readiness of the company.

- Moderated by Rasmus Bie-Olsen, CEO and Co-founder, DareDisrupt Advisory

Two technology deep dives
Blockchain – the most disruptive technology since the internet! Also for publishing?

The trust machine, the bearer of bitcoin, the internet of value, the most disruptive technology since the internet itself. Blockchain has many names but is still an uncharted technology with few actual use cases. Deanna MacDonald will take you on a blockchain tour, exploring new ways of building trust, making business, and designing governance.

-  Deanna MacDonald, Director of Research & Development, Institute of Distributed Technologies

Robots: Authors, creatives, and factory workers – how to thrive alongside them
Deep-dive into the wonders of artificial intelligence. Thomas Terney will talk about the new possibilities within creative technology and AI that are on the rise. Artificial intelligence is emerging within areas of human accomplishment, which impresses and questions if humans are the only creatives. What are some of these new algorithms and how will they impact business-as-usual?

- Thomas Terney, PhD in AI, Serial Entrepreneur and Impact Investor

Exponential organisations – how to increase organisational output by 10X!d
Now that we think exponentially, what do we do with this new mindset? In the past few years we have experienced the rise of ‘unicorns' – that is, exponential organisations that scale at an exponential rate to a valuation of millions of dollars. Some of these fabled establishments are frowned upon by economists, viewed as hot air balloons, hyped to the sky, and only moments from bursting into flames. Nevertheless, the majority of these companies surf on the waves of new technologies. Join us, as we move into the engine room of these organisations, and unbundle what they are doing to streamline operations and processes, find talent, and arrange communities to work in their favour, at near zero-marginal cost. Remember, Amazon started out selling books.

-  Alexander Avanth, Exponential Technology Expert, DareDisrupt

Workshop: Redefining business by problems solved, not products sold
It's time to conceptualise and lay the first bricks for the future of your organisation. What does the publishing industry look like in this era of hyperinformation, intelligence, and customisation? Common fears that follow in the wake of disruption are those of irrelevance and obsolescence. Whether it is new technologies stealing jobs or startups stealing market share, the question remains the same: "What happens when what we do is no longer in demand or valued as it used to be?"

- Moderated by Rasmus Bie-Olsen, CEO and Co-founder, DareDisrupt Advisory

Fireside chat: The future of human life
Listen as Britt talks openly about the future of human life. Technology not only changes how we do business – it also changes how we evolve as humans. What happens when synthetic biology allows us to not only understand life at molecular scale but to shape it as well? Voraciously curious and highly inquisitive in all of her projects, Britt drills into the scientific culture that surrounds new biotechnologies like CRISPR/Cas9 and synthetic biology and weaves what she finds into clear, compelling narratives for non-specialist audiences. Her specialty lies in not only communicating the science, but expanding on the ethical implications for our species, other species, and the ecosystems we share. Listen closely, this affects us all!

- Britt Wray, PhD, BBC Host, Author

16.50 - 17.00

Summary and conclusion

17.00 -19.00
Guided tour at Carlsberg, the new "Carlsberg city" and beer in the Gallery hall

19.00 - 22.00
Evening Dinner at Carlsberg


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