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Program for SEPM 2015

8.00 - 9.00

9.00 - 9.15
Welcome by Schilling and moderator
During the Scandinavian Executive Publishing Meeting we shall learn more about how to understand the future, people, technologies, and the methods and processes that must permeate your organisation – and how to constantly innovate. We shall also be inspired by the way that some companies – from publishing and other industries – have transformed themselves and adapted new business models and changed their way of thinking about their business 360 degrees – upside down, globally, in the cloud, and in exponential acceleration.

- Poul Schilling, CEO, Schilling A/S
- Nils Randrup, Managing Partner/CEO of Rockwave Group

9.15 - 10.15

Innovate your existing business in a world of exponential acceleration
The digital paradigm, new technologies, trends, and user requirements make it necessary for organisations to be extremely agile, which means that they need the right culture and innovation tools.
- Martin Schorling, Senior Lab Agent and Strategy Lead, Innovation Lab


10.15 - 10.45

Pushing the boundaries of voices
Acapela Group pushes the boundaries of voice with humanoid intelligent companions, multilingual
conversations, singing speech, expressive reading, transmission of emotions, Internet of Things,
biometrics, and multi-modal man-machine interaction.

- Lars-Erik Larsson, Chief Executive Officer, Acapela Group


10.45 - 11.15



11.15 - 12.00

Succeed with new business models and new revenue streams
One of the strongest competitive challenges in the publishing industry today is how players in the
market leverage digital technologies and incorporate new but costly initiatives into their current
business models.

- Nils Randrup, Managing Partner, Rockwave Group


12.00 -13.00



13.00 - 14.00

Customers want remarkable experiences

Customers want remarkable experiences, so how do we give them that? How do we give them the right context at any touchpoint on the web, in apps, on social media, etc.?

-  Jonas Sylvest, CEO & Partner, Hjaltelin Stahl Direct


14.00 - 14.30

Coffee break


14.30  - 15.40

New revenue for publishers and helping students lighten their textbook loads
Camilla will tell us about her mission and about how publishers and students as well as the environment will gain from Lix, the new digital platform for textbooks.

- Camilla Hessellund Lastein, Founder & CEO, Lix Technologies


Reimagining fiction for a mobile generation
Chief Content Officer Colin Lovrinovic will take us on a journey to explore how they aim to capture a young audience and offer them a fast-paced style of storytelling geared towards their tastes and reading habits on their mobile platform.  
- Colin Lovrinovic, Chief Content Officer, oolipo

360° exploitation of rights
Having been one of the first European publishing houses to take digital publishing seriously, Bastei Lübbe's digital publishing strategy is paying off.  Giuseppe Terrano will present the digital content strategy of Bastei Lübbe which combines own IPs and licensed content from national and international agents, content providers and partnering publishing houses.

-  Giuseppe Terrano, Content Acquisition Manager, Bastei Lübbe AG


After the three presentations there will be a panel discussion moderated by Nils Randrup


15.40 - 16.00



16.00 - 17.00

New trends and challenges

Opportunities in the third age of digital music
Gunnar's session will look at the characteristics of the three ages of digital music, current and future opportunities, and how next-generation radio – or playlists, programmatic curation or "algotorial" – can galvanise a discerning public, invigorate a business and help artists to be heard!
- Gunnar Larsén, Vice President, 7digital

Online video is growing faster than most other advertising formats and mediums
With the rapid growth in faster broadband speeds and the increasing use of mobile device on the move, that shift has been increasingly into online video marketing. But when it comes to potential reach video is peerless.
- Thomas Madsen Mygdal, CEO & Co-founder, 23

17.00 - 17.15
Summary and conclusion

17.30 -18.30
Guided tour at Carlsberg, the new "Carlsberg city" or a talk about innovation


18.30 - 19.00

Drinks in the Gallery Hall

19.00 - 22.00
Evening Dinner at Carlsberg


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