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Speakers at SEPM 2012



Keld Jensen, Founder and CEO of MarketWatch Centre of Negotiation A/S
Keld Jensen is founder and CEO of MarketWatch Centre of Negotiation A/S. He has more than 20 years experience in international management, negotiation, and communication. He is a prolific writer, author and he is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world, and has worked with numerous global businesses in training and consulting capacity.




Tommy Ahlers, CEO, Podio
Tommy has firmly established his position as a successful entrepreneur. In only a couple of years he has created and divested two companies, each for more than 250 million DKK. His ability to spot growth opportunities and implementing them in real life commands respect. But ZYB.com and Podio are not the full story about Tommy. They also show that you can use a past in McKinsey to do other things than take up a managing position in DSB.


Tommy is not just a role model for entrepreneurs – he is also a wake-up call for all comfortable but ambitious wage earners. His story ought to be an inspiration for finding the answer to what can keep Denmark prosperous in the future.




Pieter Swinkels, Vice President Acquisition, Kobo Inc.
Pieter Swinkels has over ten years' experience in the international publishing industry and previously worked as Publisher at De Bezige Bij Publishers in Amsterdam. As Vice President Acquisition at Kobo, he is leading Kobo's global content acquisition and is responsible for building relationships with publishers and vendors around the world.




Lisa Edwards, Publishing & Commercial Director, Scholastic Children's Books
Lisa Edwards is the Publishing & Commercial Director at Scholastic Children's Books. She has 17 years' experience in publishing and licensing major brands, including Horrible Histories® and The Hunger Games. As well as heading up the Scholastic Children's Books' editorial team, Lisa is implementing their licensing and digital strategy in the UK.




Kerry Wilkinson, author
Kerry Wilkinson is something of an accidental author. His debut, Locked In, was written as a challenge to himself but, after self-publishing, it became a number one bestseller in the UK within three months of release. His three initial Jessica Daniel books sold over 250.000 copies in under six months, making him Amazon's UK No. 1 author for the final quarter of 2011, its biggest-ever sales period. He then signed a six-book deal with Pan Macmillan and is one of Amazon's top-10 bestselling authors in 2012.




Lotte Garbers, author
Lotte Garbers is a Danish fiction writer. From 2009 to 2012 she was chairman of the Danish Authors' Society. In this role her main focus was the transformation of an industry in a period where books are doing well but the stakeholders within the industry are undergoing severe changes. She lives in France and has been a writer for 13 years, prior to which she worked for Microsoft Corp. She holds a masters degree in international business and languages.



Kasper Tang Vangkilde, Anthropologist (Ph.D.), Assistant Professor, Department of Culture and Society, Aarhus University 

Kasper Tang Vangkilde is an anthropologist specialising in business, creativity, and design. He has done extensive ethnographic fieldwork among fashion designers and product developers at HUGO BOSS on the basis of which he has written a doctoral dissertation entitled "Branding HUGO BOSS. An Anthropology of Creativity in Fashion".


Currently employed at Aarhus University, he is responsible for the thematic specialisation in "Innovation, Organisation, and Work" on the Master's Programme in Anthropology and is highly engaged in developing the emerging field of business and design anthropology.




Raphael de Souza, Northern European Sales Director, Thismoment
Raphael de Souza is a consummate, bilingual (French-English) Digital Marketing Professional who for the past 10 years has worked across multiple areas of the digital marketing industry. Having consulted to and worked with clients across multiple digital distribution channels, he has gained invaluable insights into the publisher, marketer, and agency segments.


His primary focus has been within digital marketing technologies where he has worked in companies such as Acceleration E-Marketing recently acquired (majority stake) by WPP and in partnerships with various organisations including Google, DoubleClick, Omniture, Epsilon, and more. He completed an MBA in 2010 researching "Technology Acceptance and Adoption in Developing Countries".


Raphael is based in London, a keen oil painter and, as the Northern European Sales Director at Thismoment, is regularly jetting around Europe speaking with leading brands and agencies on how Thismoment powers the "Dynamic Brand Experience".




Kami Thordarson, Innovative Strategies Coach, Los Altos School District
Kami Thordarson has taught in Los Altos for four years, coming from the Poudre School District in Colorado where she began teaching in 1999. Kami holds a B.A. in Communications and an M.A. in Education. Kami is an expert in project-based learning and enjoys engaging students with creative lessons that focus on student choice and voice. Kami was a pilot teacher for the Khan Academy program in 2010 where she helped implement and design the blended learning model currently being adopted in all fifth through eighth grades.


She is a graduate of the 2011 MERIT program through the Krause Center for Innovation and has recently attended a workshop on Design Thinking at the d.school (Institute of Design) at Stanford. She envisions a real-world classroom in which teachers are empowered to transform education through technology and innovative practices, where students take ownership of their education, and classrooms are collaborative, problem-solving communities. Kami has taken on a new role as Innovative Strategies Coach for the Los Altos School District for 2012-2013.




Anna Lewis, co-founder, ValoBox and CompletelyNovel
Anna Lewis co-founded the book technology company, CompletelyNovel, with Oli Brooks in 2008. Since then they have created CompletelyNovel.com, a community powered book-publishing platform bringing modern publishing tools to an online network of readers, writers, and publishers.


Their latest venture is ValoBox, a fresh approach to e-books which combines a pay-as-you-go reading platform with an exciting social retail model which will put customers at the heart of book selling. In 2010 Anna was a finalist for the UK Young Publishing Entrepreneur Award and over the past couple of years she has also managed the Author Blog Awards, the 24 Hour Book Project, and a number of other collaborative projects.




Oliver Brooks, co-founder, ValoBox and CompletelyNovel
Oliver Brooks is the co-founder of ValoBox and CompletelyNovel. He is interested the evolution of the content industries from traditional retail through to social and distributed commerce. In 2008 he started CompletelyNovel – now the largest online book publishing community in the UK. It is designed to find the correct route to market for books. It enables anyone to publish economically while highlighting the books with a mainstream appeal to publishers.


His latest project, ValoBox, is a pay-as-you-go e-book platform designed to create a new sales channel by integrating with the social web. Each book can be read on any device from any website and sold by any user using links or embeds.




Per Larsen, co-founder, Movellas
Per Larsen is co-founder of Movellas (the leading European self-publishing community), Huddlebuy (Europe's leading BtB group buying site), and Miniwardrobe.com (children's clothing). He has previously worked at LEGO, Dell, and Apple and holds an MBA from London Business School. He has lived and worked in Denmark, USA, Italy, and the UK. When not working, he is a keen cyclist, skier, runner, and tennis player.




Jørgen Balle Olesen, Managing director, Saxo.com A/S
Jørgen Balle Olsen holds an MSc in Economics and Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School (CBS). In 2001 he established SAXO.com (at the time called e-boghandel.dk) using his parents' local bookshop in Østerbro as a starting point.


Today Jørgen is the majority shareholder and managing director of SAXO.com A/S that now includes an online bookshop and his latest project, SAXO Publish, for publishing, marketing, and creation of relations with readers and other publishers.




Aaron Stanton, founder and CEO, BookLamp.org
Aaron Stanton is the founder and CEO of BookLamp.org and the Book Genome Project, a technology-based book discovery platform built on computer-derived Book DNA. He is also the founder and lead designer of The Game of Books. He is an outspoken advocate and critic of the role of metadata in content discovery, and the role of computers in powering the connective threads between readers, writers, and publishers.


He has lectured in venues as diverse as Hong Kong, Germany, New York, and Stanford University on the challenges of book discovery and the invisible space in social recommendation engines where most books are functionally invisible. Stanton's work has been repeatedly profiled over the years in the media, including Popular Science, Macworld, Wired Magazine, CNET, PC World Magazine, NPR, TechCrunch, the Huffington Post, the Seattle Times, ABC News, Mashable, and many others.


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