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Speakers at SEPM 2014


Tim Frank Andersen, Partner and Chairman, In2media

Tim has worked with interactive media for more than 20 years. He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Denmark and has founded a long range of strong startups throughout the years.


Back in 1995 he launched one of Denmark's first web agencies, Networkers, that merged with Swedish Framtidsfabrikken in 1999 and as the first and largest web agency in Europe was listed on the stock exchange. Today he is partner and chairman in In2media, one of Denmark's leading web agencies with a staff of more than 50.


He is the co-author of "Brand-building on the internet", written together with Martin Lindstrøm. The book has so far been published in Danish, English, and Chinese.


As co-owner and managing director he has helped establish the media company WHERE2GO that was acquired by Aller in 2005. He has also helped establish one of Denmark's most successful venture companies, IVS.


Tim has more than 10 years' experience developing successful internet strategies for Tele Danmark, Dansk Tipstjeneste, Danske Bank, Pandora, and others. He has also worked with digital branding strategies for international corporations such as Mars, Kellogg's, Nike, and Unilever.




Adriano Guarnieri, Co-founder and CEO, TwoReads

Adriano Guarnieri is a graphic and web designer, specialised in editorial design and identity for cultural institutions. He started working with graphic design in Italy as an intern in the Tassinari/Vetta studio where he got passionate about book design and typography. After six months he moved to Portugal for another internship at R2 Design after which he decided to move to Brazil where he worked for 18 months in Kiko Farkas/Máquina Estúdio.

In 2013 Adriano decided to return from Brazil to co-found TwoReads, a start-up focused on book discovery and book discoverability both online and offline. After almost a year they now have two working prototypes ready to enter the market. The first is an algorithm to improve book discovery for non-fiction through a recommendation engine based on internal data and not on customer behaviour. The second is about improving book discoverability in physical bookshops by bringing in technology to enhance the user experience.




Julian Stubbs, Founder & CEO, UP THERE, EVERYWHERE
Julian Stubbs is a brand strategist, writer and presenter who has worked with developing brand strategies and identities for a wide range of organisations and places – from Technicolor, the Hollywood movie company, to the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, and the city of Stockholm.


His first business book, "Wish You Were Here", explores the branding of places and destinations as well as his work for the city of Stockholm, where Julian created the brand positioning and tag line "Stockholm, The Capital of Scandinavia". Today Julian is working with a number of place-branding projects at city and municipality level as well as for bio-parks and airports, and lecturing on the subject of place branding.


He is founder and CEO of UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, a global cloud-based communications consulting group which today has over 160 people working in teams in 20 cities around the world. He is a firm advocate of content and inbound marketing, and his company is a HubSpot partner and re-seller. His second book, "E-Ployment: Living & Working in the Cloud", was published in March 2014.


Julian travels about 120 days a year from his home just outside of Stockholm, Sweden. He is married, has two boys, and in his free time his passions are watching Liverpool FC, playing tennis, reading history, and trying to finish writing his novel.




Ola Grahn, Country Manager, Readly AB

Ola Grahn joined Readly AB in 2013 as Country Manager with more than 19 years' experience with fast-growing companies, start-ups, business information, media, and various industrial segments. Ola has 8 years' experience in working in global fast-growing companies. He is a problem solver and turnaround specialist with great experience in managing change and turnarounds within sales organisations.

Ola specialises in sales management towards consumer and B2B segments. He has lead organisations through complex and challenging performance improvements.



Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, Scandinavian Director, Tesla Motors
Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen is Scandinavian Director at Tesla Motors. He has been with the company since 2010 and has been a driving force behind the company's tremendous growth in the Nordic region over the last four years. Today, Peter leads the expansion of Tesla Motors in the Nordic and Baltic regions.




Raphael de Souza, Director of Business Development, Searchmetrics Inc.

Raphael de Souza is a consummate, bilingual (French-English) Digital Marketing Professional who for the past 10 years has worked across multiple areas of the digital marketing industry.

Having consulted to and worked with clients across multiple digital distribution channels, he has gained invaluable insights into the publisher, marketer, and agency segments.

His primary focus has been within digital marketing technologies where he has worked in companies such as Acceleration E-Marketing, recently acquired (majority stake) by WPP, and in partnerships with various organisations including Google, DoubleClick, Omniture, Epsilon, and more. He completed an MBA in 2010 researching "Technology Acceptance and Adoption in Developing Countries".


Raphael is based in London, a keen oil painter and, as the Business Development Director at Searchmetrics, is regularly jetting around Europe speaking with leading brands and agencies on how Searchmetrics helps to Facilitates Search Experience Optimisation for increased ROI.



Richard Kastelein, Entrepreneur, Innovation Catalyst, Writer, Publisher, Speaker, Bricoleur, TEDxster
Founder of The Hackfest (acquired in 2013), publisher of TV App Market (acquired in 2013), and global expert on media and TV innovation, Richard Kastelein is an award-winning publisher and futurist. He has guest-lectured at MIT Media Lab, Oxford University, and the University of Cologne, and sat on the media convergence panel at the 2nd EU Digital Assembly in Brussels, and worked with broadcasters such as the BBC, ABC, CBC, NPO, RTL (DE and NL), Eurosport, NBCU, C4, ITV, Seven Network and others on media convergence strategy, Social TV, OTT, DLNA, and 2nd Screen, etc.

Richard has judged hundreds of start-ups for the European Commission Horizon 2020 and UK Technology Board funding programmes. He is a Fellow of the UK Royal Society of Arts (RSA) and UK Royal Television Society (RTS) member.

Richard has spoken on the future of media and TV in Amsterdam, Belfast, Berlin, Brussels, Brighton, Copenhagen, Cannes, Cologne, Curacao, Frankfurt, Hollywood, Hilversum, Geneva, Groningen, London, Las Vegas, Leipzig, Madrid, Melbourne, NYC, Oxford, Rio de Janeiro, Sheffield, San Francisco, San Jose, Sydney, Tallinn, Vienna, Zurich... and been on advisory boards of TEDx Istanbul, SMWF UK, Apps World UK, and judged AIB Awards, Social TV Awards Hollywood, TV Connect, and IPTV Awards.

A versatilist and autodidact, his leadership ability, divergent and synthetic thinking skills, concepting, and storytelling skills, evolved from sailing the world 24000 miles+ offshore in his 20's on sailboats under 12 meters. He spent 10 years in the Caribbean media and boating industry as a professional sailor before returning to Holland.


A creative technologist and Canadian (Dutch/Irish/English/Metis), his career began in the Native Press (Canadian Arctic). He is a columnist at The Association for International Broadcasting, and writes for Wired, The Guardian, and Virgin. His work and ideas have been translated into Dutch, Greek, Polish, German, and French. One of his TV formats was optioned by Sony Pictures Television in 2012.




Tom Williams, Marketing Producer, Touchpress
Tom Williams joined Touchpress in 2013 as Marketing Producer. His job is to tell the world about their apps, and to understand their audience and how they use the apps they make. He works with his team to produce marketing assets that support Touchpress' apps, he crunches numbers, and analyses a range of data sources to make sure the company's apps are competitively priced.

Tom holds a BA in English Literature and an MA in Modern Culture from University College London. Before joining Touchpress, he worked as a literary agent, selling rights to books all over the world. Tom has always had a passion for 'digital' and was the first literary agent to sell app rights when the App Store was first launched. As an agent he specialised in digital rights, striking deals in the US, South Africa, and Great Britain. He is also the author of "A Mysterious Something in the Light: Raymond Chandler, A Life".



Morten Remmer, Managing Director, Denmark and Sweden, WiMP Music
Morten Remmer joined WiMP Music in 2014 as Managing Director for Denmark and Sweden. Previously Morten worked as Digital Director in the Danish division of the world's largest record company, Universal. He has also worked as Commercial Director with ArtPeople who has released music for Rasmus Seebach, Xander, Kidd, among others. Morten holds a master's degree in law and has worked with business development within digital media at Egmont, Nordisk Film, and Metronome.

Morten also has a past as a DJ and recording artist under the name "dj 360°" and worked at the end of the '90s and in the beginning of the '00s for GAFFA and several lifestyle magazines as a reviewer of digital music.



Laura Groth, Country Manager, Storytel Denmark
Laura Groth has been Country Manager for Storytel Denmark since 2013. Storytel is a digital subscription service that enables you to stream more than 10.000 audio books for your mobile phone. You can even listen to a number of books offline so you can bring Storytel with you on the road.

Laura has previously worked for Rosinante&Co within media, marketing, and sales, and for Gyldendal Group Agency. She holds an MA in linguistic psychology from the University of Copenhagen and the University of Amsterdam.



Mikkel B. Rasmussen, Director EU, ReD Associates
Mikkel B. Rasmussen is an expert in innovation and business creativity. He has spent most of his professional life trying to push companies and organisations into new territories and doing it in a way that is both disciplined, based on facts, and forward-looking.

As Director of ReD Associates, European Division, he works closely together with the top management of some of Europe's most forward-looking companies, such as Adidas, Lego, and Samsung. His work has led to several ground-breaking technologies and products in the markets for toys, sports goods, and health care.
Unlike most people who are interested in business innovation he does not believe that ideas fall from the sky or can be generated in brainstorming sessions. The best ideas according to Mikkel come from a true interest in the real world and deep exploration into human behaviour. This requires rigour, discipline, and what Mikkel calls slow thinking as opposed to the common belief that creativity needs to be loose, random, and fast. In his work for ReD he has pioneered new thinking on how to make social science methodology practical, creative, and impactful in business.

Mikkel B. Rasmussen holds a Master of Science in Economics from Maastricht University as well as a Master in Public Economics from Roskilde University. He is a well-known keynote speaker and provocateur on innovation, business creativity, and the practical use of social science. He is the co-author of the book "The Moment of Clarity" published by Harvard Business Press in 2013 and published in 17 languages around the world. He has written numerous articles about the application of human science in business and has been featured in Businessweek, The Economist, Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post.


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