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Speakers at SEPM 2016


Moderator -Jannick B. Pedersen, Dare Disrupt

Jannick B. Pedersen is a speaker, futurist, impact investor, and co-author of the book "Face the Future". He is also co-founder of DareDisrupt. Since 2010 Jannick has spent much of his time studying exponential technologies and their impact on the future. He was one of the founders of the Singularity University's Danish Alumni Board, and has taken part in all the programmes of the Singularity University in the US where visionary leaders and students from all over the world do research on how new technology can help us solve the big global challenges.


Jannick has a long track record of experience from high-profiled international positions in the public and private sector, from research, start-up environments, and his own companies.

With his positivist outlook on life Jannick has a firm belief that the future will be a better place. His passion is to help release the potential of individuals and organisations to create greater impact and results through innovation, leadership, and strategy development.



Märtha Rehnberg, Dare Disrupt

Märtha Rehnberg is a trained political economist, an expert on 3D printing, and entrepreneur. She has held talks on the international scene about technological intuition and has moderated global events on 3D printing and digital production. She is currently Associate Partner at DareDisrupt that focuses on digital production, disruption for environmental preservation, and technological intuition in the application of artificial intelligence.


Märtha is a technology optimist and critical thinker. She believes technology can help us solve the big issues of our time, but we need technological intuition to unlock the promises and safeguard against the peril of wrongful technology adoption. Märtha has been selected "Leader of Tomorrow" by the St. Gallen Symposium for three consecutive years, and profiled as "FemTech Leader" by Innotribe, the Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group, and the Digital Finance Institute.


Märtha holds a double M.Sc. in International Business and Politics and Political Economy from Copenhagen Business School and ESADE. She is multilingual and can hold talks in Danish, English, French, and Swedish.




Rolf Bangsgaard, Subscrybe

Rolf Bangsgaard has worked in the publishing and media industries for almost 20 years. Today he is a senior consultant with Subscrybe that helps companies in the subscription business industry enhance their business and streamline their subscription processes. Previously, Rolf has worked for The Walt Disney Company and had a long career with Egmont Creative – from 2008 to 2014 as managing director – a company that provides content and deals with product and business development of children's media worldwide.


Rolf Bangsgaard has a degree in International Management & Economics from Copenhagen Business School and a Diploma in Business Administration and General Management from INSEAD.




Camilla Hessellund Lastein, Lix Technologies

Camilla is founder & CEO of Lix Technologies. She comes from a background in economics at Aarhus University but left to become an entrepreneur. Camilla has received a scholarship from WeLoveStartups and has won several start-up prizes; she became national winner of Best Newcomer in Nordic Startup Awards 2015 and was nominated for the award "IVÆKSTprisen 2015 – Året unge håb" ("GROWTH award 2015 – Young hope of the year").


At 22 years of age she founded Lix and went on to challenge the traditional way students buy and read physical textbooks. Lix has recently received an investment of 18 million DKK from North Media Online, and the future is looking bright with plans to expand in foreign markets and become a global player.



Morten Strunge, CEO, Mofibo

Morten Strunge is a highly talented Danish serial entrepreneur who despite his young age already has a very good reputation within the Danish startup environment.


Morten is founder of Onfone, Plenti, and the subscription-based e-book and audiobook platform, Mofibo, which was recently sold for around 100 million DKK to the Swedish company, Storytel.

Morten has already sold several of his companies and has gained unique experience on how to turn a startup into a successful business in only a few years.




Anna Jean Hughes, Founder and Publisher, The Pigeonhole

Anna has been working in the publishing industry for over a decade. There was a brief fling with the Erotic Review, a minor assignation with Condé Nast and a long and complicated relationship with Random House. She then swapped sides and went to see how the other half lived at Peter Fraser & Dunlop, before jacking in the traditional and going rogue with The Pigeonhole.


In 2015 she was named a Rising Star and shortlisted as Digital Achiever of the Year.


She is actually rather disgusted by pigeons.



Joop Heijenrath, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, ReadSpeaker

Joop is Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of ReadSpeaker, a worldwide leader in text-to-speech technologies. The company provides speech software for websites, apps, and eLearning environments. Its prize-winning voices are used in thousands of client applications. The company makes online and offline content more easily accessible for people with reading difficulties and helps learners to better and faster comprehend learning material. More than 200 publishers all over the world use the ReadSpeaker technology in their eLearning content platforms.


Joop is also an informal investor and holds several non-executive board positions in profit and non-profit organisations. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Joop was an executive board member with Stream Global Services, an international IT outsourcing services group.



Fraser Doherty, Founder and co-founder, SuperJam and Beer52

Fraser Doherty started his entrepreneurial career at the age of just 14. After being taught how to make jam in his grandmother's kitchen in Scotland, he came up with a way of making jam 100% from fruit. At 16, he presented his brand, SuperJam, to Waitrose and went on to become the youngest ever supplier to a major supermarket. SuperJam has since grown into a company that has sold millions of jars to thousands of supermarkets across the world. Fraser is also co-founder of Beer52, the largest online retailer of craft beer in the UK, and founder of Envelope.Coffee, a successful fresh coffee subscription business. Both brands have used content to build their brands, with Beer52's magazine, Ferment, having become the largest circulation beer magazine in the world. Fraser has been commended by the Prime Minister at Downing Street and by HRH Prince Charles and was recently awarded an MBE medal "for services to business" by Queen Elisabeth. He regularly gives lectures on entrepreneurship at universities around the world, including London Met where he is their youngest ever-visiting professor.

August 2016 saw the launch of Fraser's latest book, 48-Hour Start-Up, in which he shares the tips and tricks from his experiment of going "from a blank page to his first customer in one weekend".



Bobby Thandi, VPm Digital at Dubit

As VP Digital at Dubit, Bobby Thandi develops strategies and oversees development of digital entertainment apps, virtual reality, and games for kids. Since launching in 1999, Dubit has worked with leading children's entertainment companies as well as innovative start-ups from around the globe. Clients include Mattel, PBS KIDS, DreamWorks, Disney, Cartoon Network, and others.



Johanna Forsman, Co-founder, Velodrom AB

Johanna Forsman is co-founder of the Swedish digital innovation company Velodrom (together with Andreas Jansson) and one of the minds behind StoryTourist. The reality storytelling platform StoryTourist began as a non-profit initiative in co-operation with the City Library of Malmö, funded by the Swedish Arts Council, to develop digital tools to enhance literacy in young adults. The platform, a sort of Pokémon Go for stories, turns books and stories into location-based treasure hunts. The StoryTourist app is a new way to travel and experience books at the very locations where the action takes place. StoryTourist is shortlisted for the Booktech Company of the Year award 2016 at the Futurebook conference.




Simona Maschi, Co-founder and CEO, CIID

Simona Maschi is co-founder and director of the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. Leading the overall organisation at CIID, she heads a team that encompasses a world-renowned education, a cutting edge research group, an award-winning consultancy, and a very ambitious incubator platform.

Simona is an expert in service design, scenario design and design methods, and she is passionate about using design to create a positive impact in people's lives. She supports this vision through creating an innovation culture that bridges the gap between industry, academia, and entrepreneurship. Recent projects have explored private and public transportation, health and wellbeing, sustainable housing, and smart cities.

Widely respected in industry, Simona regularly speaks at conferences and events, bringing inspiration on how people-centred design can create new and reinforce existing innovation paths.



Mark Folkenberg, CEO and Founder, Books & Magic

Mark Folkenberg is CEO and founder of Books & Magic. Mark is a passionate and result-oriented software developer with an open mind to new and innovative thinking.


Mark holds a Master's degree in Computer Science, majoring in artificial intelligence. Books & Magic was founded in 2013 – its aim is to provide a new and unique type of book that inspires children to read. The team behind Books & Magic includes 3D artists, architects, developers, and UX specialists with a combined 40+ years of game and app development experience with companies such as LEGO and IO-Interactive.


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